Dr. Jyoti Mazumder

Dr. Jyoti Mazumder

Research needs in a new manufacturing paradigm – “Certify as you build”

Presentation Time: August 13, 1:30 - 2:30 PM


Modern manufacturing is increasingly becoming Digital manufacturing. Recently Additive Manufacturing (AM) has been hailed as the “third industrial revolution” by Economist magazine [April-2012]. AM caters to the quest for a material to suit the service performance, which is almost as old as our civilization. Flexibility and capability of producing near net shape critical components directly from Computer Aided Design (CAD) is partly responsible for its attraction. Sophisticated science based in-Situ diagnostic techniques are needed to produce defect free parts with acceptable properties. Post mortem measurement of part dimension with conventional metrology is not adequate. With the in-situ determination of defects, microstructure and composition it will have the potential to revolutionize the manufacturing practice by offering a new route to engineer structures and properties as desired. New optical Sensors being developed to control geometry using imaging, cooling rate by monitoring temperature, microstructure, temperature and composition using optical spectra. Ultimately these sensors will enable one to “Certify as you Build”. This paper describes various challenges and opportunities for fast online diagnostics for process control and the potential for this approach for modern manufacturing.

Biographical Sketch:

Jyoti Mazumder is Robert H. Lurie Professor of Engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Director of NSF Industry University Co-operative Center, Center for Lasers and Plasmas in Advanced Manufacturing at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He is also an elected member of National Academy of Engineering.

He has published more than 375 papers, co-authored books on Laser Chemical Vapor Deposition and Laser Materials Processing. He also edited/co-edited 10 books on topic related to laser materials processing and Mechanical Engineering. He holds 17 U.S patents. He is taking his research to market by commercializing DMD through a start up called POM Group Inc. DMD systems are installed in four continents. Some of His laser Welding patents are licensed to Ford Motor Company. Dr. Mazumder has received numerous awards and honors for his research including, Schawlow Award for seminal contribution to Laser application research from Laser Institute of America in 2003, William T Ennor Award for manufacturing from ASME in 2006, Adams Memorial Membership award from American Welding Society in 2007, Thomas A Edison Patent Award from ASME in 2010 for inventing First closed loop Direct Metal Deposition system, which will significantly enhance some aspect of Mechanical Engineering, Distinguished University award in 2012 from the university of Michigan. Manufacturing Engineer of the Year (1986) from Society of Manufacturing Engineer, University Scholar (1985) and Xerox (1987) award from University of Illinois. He is also Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). American Society of Metals (ASM) and Laser institute of America (LIA). He served as the president of the Laser Institute of America in the year 2000. Dr. Mazumder was Editor in Chief of the Journal of Laser Applications until December 2009.